Policies and Requirements

Mercantile Terms on epapa.la Website

Clause 1: Return and/or Change of purchased product:

  • Each request for a changing or returning of purchased product with the company must be in accompanied with related receipts issued by epapa.la.
  • Product item, packaging and its barcode should be in good conditions and commercially viable.
  • In term of reimbursement of returned product in Lao Kip, the company deserves the right to apply the exchanging rate as prevailed on the day the receipt was dated (also applicable for USD or Thai Baht).
  • If that purchased product covered with a valid warranty from its producer, the company will act as a coordinator with its producer, for repairment service subject to the stated warranty terms.
  • The company would reject any request for the change or return of a defective and damaged product as a result from conveyance and/or customer’s mal-handling.

Clause 2:  Joint promotional and special products

2.1.   In relation to joint promotional products (such as: giveaways, gratuitous and special trading products), all these aforesaid promotional goods must be in good condition and also be returned to the company at the time the customer submits for a change of the purchased products. Otherwise an equivalent fee of the related promotional product would be imposed against the purchaser.

2.2    The company deserves the right to reject the change or return of purchased products of the following categories such as: mixed paints, products for sale or products with prefix wording such as: special order product (CAK), cleared stock product (CAS), expired product (CAC) and special promotional pricing product (HOTPRICE).

Clause 3: Delivery of products:

3.1    A purchase of products worth more than 2 million Kips up from the company, free delivery will be provided to the purchaser (within Vientiane capital and but not in excess of 25Km radius limit starting from our warehouse location in Ban NonkhiLek).

3.2    Any purchase order worth less than 2 million Kips will be delivered together with other separate purchase orders, but not in excess of 24 hours timespan. Should the purchaser require an immediate delivery, a delivery rate fee will be introduced accordingly to road distance (lowest acceptable distance fee is 60,000 Kips).

Clause 4:  In case of Cancellation or/and Change of product order:

4.1    In case of cancellation, renew of product order, and change a quantity of items, the purchaser should be borne all fees incurred.

4.2    No fee charge for a cancellation of any order put within 8 hours by the customer. If the cancellation of any order exceeding the 8 hours limit, the company will charge 5% of order amount for a fee for each cancellation. (A labour charge of 80,000 Kips will be imposed against any customer if their cancellation request reaches on product transporting).

4.3    Delivery of any wrong, unordered and/or defective items, not as specified in the order to the purchaser the company agrees to change those items for new ones free of charge or to return payment equivalent to their costs to the purchaser, if required.

4.4    After a purchase order is submitted by the purchaser, but delivery is delayed as a result from road accident and/or natural calamities such as flood, etc…, the purchaser agrees to allow the company to resume its delivery tasks again, within an appropriate time. Any delay of delivery of purchase order to the purchaser, resulting from the company’s negligence, irresponsibility or carelessness, the company will be borne its own delivery fee involved.

4.5    In case of cancellation of the order by the customer that not include in this

term, customer should have paid for the cancellation for 5% of the order amount.

Clause 5:  Right and Regulations

5.1    The company reserves the right to amend terms on the acceptance of returned items without notice in advance.

      ( Remarks: In term of reimbursement to the purchaser, the company is obliged to make a payment via a bank transfer only not exceeding three days period, no cash by any means).